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As SPECIALISTS in MARRIAGE COUNSELING, we work to help you and your spouse become healthy and happy. This is what we do best! Call us to START CHANGING TODAY.

Play Therapy Experts

CHILDREN need a SPECIFIC therapy approach. They don't respond well to traditional talk therapy. Play therapy helps them WORK THROUGH PROBLEMS and to IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS. Call today and let us help.

Depression and Anxiety Counseling

Its that time of year when the number of people with DEPRESSION INCREASES. As experts in treating depression and anxiety, we can help you GET UNSTUCK. Call us to learn how.

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We offer counseling for a wide range of ages (children, teens, & adults) dealing with various challenges and dilemmas. We believe in tapping into the natural strengths of each of us, working together and developing ways that can help us enjoy life and each other more fully. We often accomplish this through working with you and those around you. Including family members in treatment has been found to be an effective form of treatment for different clinical issues. This is what we do well.

Please browse our website to get to know us more and see if a therapist from the American Fork Center for Couples & Families would be a good fit for your counseling needs. We look forward to meeting you!

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